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Battery Storage Systems in Northamptonshire

At Shire Electrical Ltd we provide an expert battery storage installation service throughout Northamptonshire. Battery storage systems allow you to collect and store the electricity generated by your property’s solar panels and save it for when skies are grey. This means that during the days when the sun isn’t shining and your solar panels aren’t producing as much electricity you always have a backup supply ready and waiting!

Due to an increased public interest in renewable energy, battery storage systems have increased in popularity massively in recent years through Northamptonshire and the rest of the UK. Shire Electrical Ltd is fully MCS Certified meaning that our team will be providing the very best battery storage installation service. The battery storage systems we provide can be installed as part of a new solar panel installation or retro-fitted to an existing system.

What are the main benefits of a battery storage system?

Battery Backup

The ability to store excess electricity generated by your solar panel system means that you will always have power when you need it most. This means that you will even have power during emergencies such as blackouts when grid-reliant properties will not.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Powering your home and the appliances within using a solar panel and battery storage system is much more environmentally friendly than relying on energy from the national grid which is largely produced from the burning of fossil fuels.

Reducing your energy bills

By producing your own electricity and being able to store any excess energy you will need to use little to no electricity from the grid. Not having to use electricity generated elsewhere can greatly reduce what you pay for your energy bills. In some cases, you can even sell the excess electricity your system has produced back to the grid!

Increasing your property’s self-reliance

Solar panels can only produce electricity during the daylight hours which could be an issue when trying to power your property in the evening or at night. With a battery storage system installed, the excess electricity that is generated throughout the day is stored ready for when it is needed the most, making your home much more self-reliant.

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